Welcome to my WhizzCave

Welcome! On this website I keep my experiments, playing and tinkering with wood, metal, electronics together. I will keep you informed about repairs in and around the house and of the, sometime useless, but always wonderful things I create in my WhizzCave!

Recently I have been tinkering with electronics and automation a lot. For the associated mechanics I use the acclaimed construction material fischertechnik. I try to properly document these experiments immediately. I often make a video of it nowadays. You can find these in the special whizzbizz YouTube channel. Check it out!

Always busy...

Always busy with wood, metal, DIY,
electronics and computer projects ....

And of course this site is a project in itself!

So take a look around here, but come back soon.
Because I keep working on it and regularly add to articles.

A work in progress...

Besides working on the new articles and videos, I am busy with the descriptions of older projects. That means: taking photos and videos and scrambling all information together. For some older projects this is sometimes labor intensive, so that means that this site is constantly being updated. Keep an eye on it!

Sewing application
CV thermostate with Arduino
MP3 player
Floor heating controller
Garden poles
fischertechnik pneumatics
fischertechnik pinball with Arduino
iPhone repair
Computer embroidery
Placing the solar panels
Computer embroidery