Technical information about the Touch Sensor Stone

This touch sensor (dimensions 15x15x5 mm) is built into a semi-transparent building block. There are two versions, both of which are powered with a so-called Dupont plug. The stone with the black connector has a momentary function (push button) and only emits an active signal during the touch, the stone with the blue connector has a switching function and switches on when touched and 'off' again when touched a second time. With an 'active' output signal (5 volts), a red LED lights up in this transparent sensor stone.

To connect the version with the Dupont connector, a three-pole servo cable (with the + on the middle wire) can be used if it is powered by the Dupont Power Module.

Please note that the order of the pins in the connector on the sensor side of the cable will have to be changed manually.
This sensor has the signal output on the middle pin and can be damaged if it is connected incorrectly!

Touch Stone - Connections
Both functional versions of the 'Touch Stone' are shown schematically in top view here.

The sensor with the black connection strip behaves like a push button and is only 'active' when touched. The sensor with the blue connection strip has a changeable function and remains 'active' after the first touch. With a second touch, the output signal becomes 'inactive' again. The output signal follows the common 'positive logic', so without detection it is zero volts and is then considered a LOW, upon detection the output becomes HIGH with a voltage level of approximately 3.5 volts.

Important: note that the middle pin of the three-pin Dupont plug with these sensors is not, as usual, used for the + pole of the supply voltage. When using prefabricated servo cables, the pin order on the sensor side must be changed!