Your own personalized 3D figure!

Exclusively available at Whizzbizz: Handmade personalized fischertechnik-style figures 1:10 scale.

Some time ago I wanted to feature a typical 'fischertechnik figure' in a 3D animation. For this, the individual limbs had to be modeled in 3D. A discussion on the fischertechnik forum led to articles in various (fischertechnik) trade magazines, and gave the starting signal for more diversity in the design of the figures. Soon, a more realistic cross-section of our society's figures emerged from the 3D printer.

It is now possible to manufacture specific fischertechnik figures on a scale of 1:10. Each figure is unique, a handmade custom work and therefore only available upon consultation. Contact me for more information!

Figure XL - Ensemble 1

Figure XL - The interview

The XL figures have now made an international breakthrough! For a project at the BUGA23 in Mannheim I made about twenty unique personalized figures. You can find more about the realization on the relevant project page on this website.

In the context of this fun project, project leader Tilo Rust interviewed me about the techniques used for the XL figures. Watch the video to learn more about the technology behind 'the dolls'.

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