IR-sensor ft plugs

Technical information of the infrared obstacle sensor

The infrared obstacle sensor contains a small sensor board. The housing has several grooves, so that the sensor can be used with the fischertechnik system. The output of the sensor is low-active (negative logic) and can therefore, besides microcontrollers, also be used with the classic fischertechnik 'Silberlingen'.

For this area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication there is a 9 volt version on which the fischertechnik plugs can be used directly. The version with the three-pin so-called Dupont plug expects a supply voltage of 5 volts, the output signal level is corresponding. To connect the version with the Dupont connector, a three-pole servo cable (with the + on the middle wire) can be used if it is powered by the Dupont Power Module.

Please note that the order of the pins of the Dupont connector on the sensor side of the cable will have to be changed manually.
This sensor has the - pole (GND) on the middle pin and can be damaged if it is connected incorrectly!

IR-sensor ft plugs - ConnectionsIR-sensor Dupont - Connections

The output signal follows 'negative logic' and is approximately the supply voltage at rest. When an object is detected, this signal level drops to zero. The version with fischertechnik connection sockets (left image above) is supplied with 9 volts. The version with the Dupont plug (image right) expects a supply voltage of 5 volts.

The detection distance can be adjusted with a small screwdriver through a hole in the lid.