Technical information about the touch sensor module

A sensor housing with multiple touch sensors. There are models with two or four sensors, and the sensors can also differ. There is a 'closed' version so that the (red) indicator light is visible through a diffuser, and an 'open' version where the entire contact area lights up. This can be equipped with sensor surfaces that light up in different colors (red, green, blue, yellow or 'rainbow').

In addition, there are versions with fischertechnik connections and a supply voltage and output level of 9 volts, and versions that can be connected with three-pole Dupont cables. The connection side of both versions is shown schematically below.

Touch Sensor Case FT Plugs Touch Sensor Case Dupont

The solid lines schematically show the connections of the two-sensor version. The dotted lines represent the version with four internal sensors.

The signal levels of the outputs follow negative logic. This means that the output signal without detection is actually about the supply voltage. This level drops to zero volts when the sensor is touched or 'activated' (toggled).

The version with the fischertechnik busses must be supplied with a supply voltage of 9 volts. The output levels here are also about 9 volts. The version with the Dupont plugs is supplied with 5 volts and has a corresponding signal level.

The lid can be removed. This makes the 'Toggle' jumpers accessible inside the housing. With a jumper in place, the sensor in question acts as a toggle switch (on/off). By removing the jumper, this behavior of the sensor changes to an impulse push button.