Manuals and instructions for use

Questions about connecting and using the electronic modules or other typical Whizzbizz products? Or would you like to know how to use it, or what the options and settings are? 🤔

Click below for more information and instructions for connecting and using. These product pages are regularly updated with the latest insights and information. If you can't figure it out, or if it doesn't work as expected, please don't hesitate to contact me.

IR obstacle sensor is a small box with an infrared sensor in it. It can be used for contactless detection of (passing) objects. The housing (dimensions 45x22.5x15mm) is equipped with various mounting grooves for the fischertechnik system.

There are two models of this sensor. The version with a 3-pin Dupont plug connection works on 5 volts. The version with fischertechnik plug connections works on 9 volts. The (green) LED light of the sensor board is visible through the small diffuser. This lights up upon detection, the output then becomes active (5 or 9 volts for direct connection to microcontrollers, etc.). The detection distance can be adjusted through the lid with a small screwdriver.

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IR-sensor Dupont plugs
Small touch sensor (dimensions 15x15x5 mm) in semi-transparent building block. The stone with the black connector has a momentary function (push button) and only emits an 'active' signal during touch, the stone with the blue connector has a switching function and switches 'on' when touched and 'off' again when touched a second time. During the 'active' output signal (5 volts), a red LED lights up in this transparent sensor stone.

The sensor stone is connected with a 3-pin Dupont plug. Consult the connection and wiring instructions, because on this connector the middle pin is the signal output, making it easy to accidentally connect the supply voltage the wrong way round!

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Transparent Mini Touch Sensor

Touch Sensor Case

Sensor housing with multiple touch sensors. There are models with two or four sensors, and the sensors can also differ. There is a 'closed' version so that the (red) indicator light is visible through a diffuser, and an 'open' version where the entire contact area lights up. This can be equipped with sensor surfaces that light up in different colors (red, green, blue, yellow or 'rainbow').

In addition, there are versions with fischertechnik connections and a supply voltage and output level of 9 volts, and versions that can be connected with three-pole Dupont cables.

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Power supply module with Dupont connectors

Internally fused power supply module with on/off switch. The housing is compatible with the fischertechnik 'Silberlingen'. Equipped with power rails for connecting multiple 5-volt external sensors using three-pole cables with Dupont connectors. The signal outputs of connected sensors are available on the corresponding yellow connections under the 3-pin Dupont sensor connection rail.

The module is available in versions that are respectively Pass 7.5 or 9 volts to the metal connection strips for powering other 'Silberlingen' and the additional connection options on the front of the module.

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