A telephone exchange for retro telephones

After all the technical discussions, it is time to assemble everything into a handy box to which any dial or push-button telephone can simply be connected.

In the meantime I have decided to cancel the ringing of the bell, the possibility to read switches or sensors or to open doors (escape room?) for the most handy version of this 'Retrophone'. The starting point was initially to make an 'external' box with which vintage telephones can be turned into 'Wonderfoon' without any modification.

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Retrophone - Various Colours 2Retrophone - Prototype WhiteRetrophone - Various Colours

The experiments have been done, the print designs have been made, a 3D housing has been designed and a few prototypes have now been put together. It just needs a lot of documentation before the project can be open-sourced and I can start building the cabinets for others myself. The firmware is also still under development. For this reason, this page and the video are currently still under development, so come back here soon for the sequel!