Power supply module with Dupont connectors

There are two versions of the power module for connecting 5 volt sensors and servos via a three-wire Dupont cable. The module has the dimensions of the classic 'Silberlingen' (7.5x4.5x3 cm) and provides the stabilized supply voltage of 9 volts on the metal strips on the side to any connected other modules or 'Silberlingen'.

The module has an on/off switch and can be powered with a standard 12 volt DC power adapter with 5.5 mm diameter plug and 2.5 mm center pin (+ pole). The image shows the version that is completely equipped with Dupont connectors. Further on this page you will find more information about the version equipped with fischertechnik sockets.

The module offers 3-pin Dupont connectors for up to eight sensors. Each connected sensor is thus supplied with 5 volts of power supply. The sensor output 'signal' wire can be disconnected from a corresponding connection under the relevant sensor connection (yellow connector rail). At the bottom, the module has a separate power rail for connecting up to eight 9-volt devices using Dupont plugs and at the back the incoming adapter voltage can be looped through via JST-HX connectors.

Note: The pin order is based on the most common order as used for servos. The +5 volt pole is located in the middle of the three-wire plug. The order of connected sensor boards or other possible connected peripherals may differ! Always check what the pin order should be on the sensor side and arrange the connections accordingly in the cable lug to prevent damage to the sensor.

Backside with JST-XH
Power FT plugs

As above, but this power supply module is equipped with Dupont plugs for connecting four sensors. The connectors of the sensor output signals and the additional rails with 9 volts at the bottom of the module front are equipped with connection sockets for 2.5 mm fischertechnik plugs.

The form factor follows the dimensions of the traditionalfischertechnik 'Silberlingen' and the module provides the supply voltage to any other connected electronics modules via the metal strips on the sides.

Just like the module that is complete with Dupont plugs, the power supply is internally fused at 1.25 amps and a 12-volt mains adapter is recommended with a maximum current of 2 amps.

For digital projects (for example with 'Silberlingen') an output voltage of 9 volts is not really necessary. For this reason, both modules are available (on request) in a version with an output voltage of only 7.5 volts DC. The advantage of this is that a mains adapter that supplies 9 volts DC is already sufficient. For modules with an output voltage of 9 volts, a mains adapter of at least 12 volts is recommended. In all cases, the input voltage provided may not exceed 25 volts.