LCD Commands

The full-duplex nature of Bluetooth allows communication from the controllable model back to the remote control. If desired, texts can be shown on the display or the piezo buzzer can beep. Warnings can flash on the unit and thus possibly be accompanied by an alarm signal.

I came up with my 'own' command set for the LCD screen. Everyone is free to make extensions or adjustments here. The first line is line 0, the second line is line 1. The character positions (columns) also start at 0. At this moment the commands below have been implemented. Values ​​in curly brackets, such as {value}, are required. A value in brackets, such as [value], indicates an optional value.

  • LCDPRINT{line},{pos};{text} - Prints text at the specified position
  • BLINK[line] - Makes the text, optionally only on the given line, blinking
  • CLR[line] - Deletes the text, optionally only on the given line
  • TONE{freq}[,millisec] -Sound the tone at {freq} for (optional) [millisec] milliseconds
  • VALUES - Returns to showing the joystick and button values ​​on the display